Shop Mission

Our mission at Lenny's Bike Shop is to provide a fun yet helpful bicycle shopping experience.


Lenny's Bike Shop was founded in 2014 by owners Loren and Erica McWilliams. They realized the need for a bicycle shop in Ferndale and wanted to be apart of the growing community.

We are a locally owned full service bicycle shop who's first priority is making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with their bicycle purchases, which is why we have made sure we have a great team working along side us. 

We sell a wide range of bicycles from kids and BMX, to hybrid and full suspension mountain bicycles. On our shop floor you will find Specialized and Scott Bikes, as well as a wide variety of BMX bicycles and products including but not limited to SE Bikes, Sunday Bikes, S & M Bikes, Fit Bike Co.  

We specialize in all service repairs; anything from large jobs such as a complete overhaul to small jobs like a tube replacement. We provide timely solutions to our customers problems and implement them in a manner consistent with the "service first" attitude. We will provide you with a free estimate before starting any work on your bicycle. If we happen to find additional work needed we will always call and approve the work with the customer before continuing.