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About Us

Lenny's Bike Shop is a locally family owned full service bicycle shop in Downtown Ferndale, WA. Here at Lenny's Bike Shop we strive to deliver the best bicycle companies. Currently in our shop you will find Raleigh, SE Bikes, Redline, Diamondback, Fairdale, S&M Bikes, Fit Bike Co, Sunday and many more.

We specialize in all service repairs; anything from large jobs such as a complete overhaul to small jobs such as a tube replacement. We provide timely solutions to our customers problems and implement them in a manner consistent with the "service first" attitude. We will provide you with a complete free estimate before starting any work on your bicycle. If we happen to find additional work needed we will always call and approve the work with the customer before continuing.

Owners Loren and Erica McWilliams love the Ferndale Community and look forward to making it a bicycle friendly community