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Pedro's Tire Lever Pair Yellow

Pedro's Tire Lever Pair Yellow

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Nothing is worse than getting a flat tire and having no way to fix it. When you're out riding, you should always carry a spare tube, a pump, patches, and tire levers so you can remove your tire. The Pedro's Tire Levers feature a molded box construction and a proprietary plastic composite blend that makes them incredibly strong. The unique chisel tip shape easily inserts beneath the tire bead and the slightly thicker shape keeps the lever securely in place. Additionally, the bold shape of the lever and helpful dual spoke hooks makes removal of even the tightest tires a simple task. If you ever, somehow, manage to use your superhuman strength to break them, these levers are backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.


  • Chisel tip shape is easy to insert beneath the bead and the slightly thicker shape keeps the tire lever from slipping
  • Bold shape makes it easy to remove the tightest of tires without bending or breaking
  • Molded box construction and proprietary plastic blend
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