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Specialized sv tr airlock tube black 26 x 1.75-2.4

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Nothing in the cycling world is more infuriating than flat tires. We get it, because we get them just like you. But with our Desert Protection Schrader Valve Tubes, you can minimize, if not eliminate, flats at the terrible hands of debris, thorns, or whatever else is halting your rides.

Starting at the basis of the construction, we designed the tube to be thicker at the outer side, the part against the tire, in order to stop pesky bits from puncturing all the way through the tube. We then make the inner side, the part against the rim, thinner in order to reduce weight. This way, you dont have to sacrifice performance in the name of protection. We didnt stop there, however, as these tubes also feature our Airlock sealant that coats the tube for permanent protection against punctures. Not only this, but the sealant is designed to work continuously in order to prevent slow leaks from occurring, so erring complete catastrophe, you wont have to worry about flatting when youre riding over debris. We even addressed the common issue of sealant pooling with a completely homogenous design, so the tire/tube combo will always roll smooth and even.

  • Designed to work continuously in order to prevent slow leaks.
  • Homogenous design prevents puddles with no need to shake.
  • Non-toxic, non-separating formula will last the life of your tube.
  • Sealant coats the tube for permanent protection against punctures.
  • Thicker construction on the outer side (against the tire) enhances puncture protection.
  • Thinner construction on the inner side (against the rim) maximizes weight savings.
  • Will not dry out like the many other sealants.
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