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Specialized roval rapide cockpit matte carbon / gloss black 115mm x 380mm

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<p>The all-new Rapide Cockpit is a lot more than just the fastest way to the finish line. It’s the fastest leading edge we’ve ever made, putting aero gains in the clean air, where they matter most and shaving four watts off the already ultra-quick two piece Rapide Bar and Tarmac SL7 Stem. But to deliver a leading edge that provides a winning edge takes more than pure aero. The goal for the Roval engineering team was simple—the Rapide Cockpit had to be the fastest bar we’ve ever made, with no compromises. It’s aero, light, stiff, and designed hand-in-hand with the best riders in the world and our Retül fit experts so you can get a grip on victory.</p><p>AERODYNAMIC: Removing the cluster of hardware (where stem and handlebar connect) allowed us to design the bar’s leading edge a single airfoil. We optimized this airfoil to provide a maximum advantage in clean air at speeds seen from long solo breakaways to full gas World Tour sprints. While a four watt improvement may seem small, it adds up to a 32cm lead over a 250m final sprint. When races are won by bike throws, this is a winning difference.</p><p>LIGHT AND STIFF: By removing the stem’s hardware cluster the Rapide Cockpit is 50 grams lighter (100mm x 420mm) than a two piece Rapide bar and Tarmac SL7 combo. Made from premium high-modulus carbon fiber, that delivers ideal stiffness for the biggest, fastest sprinters on the World Tour, the Rapide Cockpit has a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio than any two piece system we’ve ever made.</p><p>FIT: The downside of one-piece cockpits has long been fit, but we partnered with our Retül fit professionals and the best riders in the world to ensure almost every rider can find their fit. We offer 15 different stem and bar combos, all at -6 degree, so we’ve got your race day position covered. The radius from tops to drops has been sculpted for wrist clearance whether out of the saddle in a final sprint or tucked in an aero position, while bend and flare reflect our favorite Rapide bar.</p><p>**If you are building your bike with the Rapide Cockpit, you must have at least 40mm of steerer tube above the last headset spacer for the cockpit to fit and function properly.**</p>
  • Aerodynamically engineered to save 4 watts vs a traditional aero road bar
  • Bend: 127mm drop x 75mm reach, 4 degrees of flare at the drops
  • Cable Routing: Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo ( Internal / Electronic Compatible)
  • Included: Roval bolt-on computer mount: S219900058. Add-on: Tarmac SL7 headset transition spacer: S232500001
  • Material: Premium High Modulus Carbon Fiber, Titanium Stem Bolts
  • Sizes: 15 combos from (75mm x 380mm) to (125mm x 440cm)
  • Steer Clamp Diameter: 1"1/8, Steer Clamp Height: 40mm (SW Tarmac stem steer clamp height: 31mm)
  • Stem Angle: 6-Degrees, Stem Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg
  • Weight: 310 grams (100mm x 420mm)
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