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Specialized kicker sport tire black 26 x 2.1

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Jump, Pump and Wheelie... Kicker is game for the streets or bike park. The dense center blocks form a fast-rolling strip to give you all the speed you need, smooth block-in-block transition knobs provide grip and support through turns. We maximized grip but kept the Kicker smooth enough to deliver quiet, and consistent performance.

Kicker Sport is available in a wide range of sizes, has a wire bead, and is suitable terrain from street to light trail.

  • 20x2.1, psi 25-50, approximate weight 430g.
  • 24x2.1, psi 25-50, approximate weight 570g.
  • 26x2.1, psi 25-50, approximate weight 640g.
  • Bead: Wire
  • Block-in-block transition knobs adapt to find grip. Outer structure provides stability.
  • Casing: 60 TPI
  • Dense center blocks form a fast-rolling strip.
  • Flat Protection: Flak Jacket
  • Stable shoulder blocks on a rounded square section for quick and precise handling.
  • Transitioning to the shoulder knobs is smooth and supported, providing plenty of grip on loose or hardpack surfaces.
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