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Specialized future shock 3.3 black osfa

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SMOOTHER. FASTER. MORE CONFIDENT Future Shock debuted back in 2016 and promptly proved its effectiveness by winning the 2018 and 2019 Paris-Roubaix. Sitting between the stem and head tube, it provides travel in the exact opposite direction of bump forces hitting the wheel and traveling up the fork legs. The result is an impact and vibration reduction of more than 50% vs our nearest competitors across impacts typically experienced by road riders. The result is more control to ride faster with more confidence on challenging road surfaces.

For the first time, the new Future Shock 3.0 can be easily tuned so every rider - regardless of position on the bike - can get 20mm of smooth, stiction free travel. Compared to the previous generation, we’ve improved the overall durability, and made Future Shock 3.0 totally serviceable.

  • ADJUSTABILITY: As much as you can tune Future Shock 3.0, there are still times where you will want firmer or softer settings on the same ride. Smooth climb up? Keep it stiff. Rough descent down? Open it up. The 3.3 model delivers the most in the saddle adjustability of compression than ever.
  • FUTURE SHOCK 3.3: Hydraulically damped to control the movement of the Future Shock, not only for a smoother ride, but a more controlled ride. Highly tunable for the individual, riders can adjust pre-load to their desired firmness for their unique position or the terrain they are riding. Compression his highly adjustable during the ride to ensure that riders can set their Future Shock for the surface or the situation.
  • TUNABILITY: The way Future Shock 3.0 reacts to bumps can be precisely tuned for the individual rider and the type of terrain they face. Three different springs are offered - firm, medium, soft - and with each of those springs, up to five preload washers - can be used. Need it firm for an aggressive position and big cobbles like our pros? Or maybe you ride in a relaxed position and want to it feel nice and soft to eat up high frequency vibration or chip seal. Your setup can easily be tweaked at home in a matter of minutes. If you can remove a stem, you can dial in a Future Shock 3.0.
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