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NEW! MotoRoss V2 Frame

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NEW! MotoRoss v2 Frame

Sunday sat down with Aaron to discuss the design of his signature frame. After some debate he came back to them with 3 main requests.

1.) Focus on a more traditional look and a lower retail price.

2.) Steepen the head tube angle for a more responsive and up-to-date steering feel.

3.) Make the lower headset bearing flush with the head tube when a fork with an integrated race is installed.

Changing the head tube angle and making the bearing flush was easy. Next, we used custom drawn and butted tubing for both the top tube and down tube. Each tube has been uniquely dimensioned to handle the stresses that the front triangle has to cope with. The down tube also makes use of an eccentric internal butting shape at the head tube, which allows for a much thicker cross-section in the area where an external gusset would normally be.

The end result is the exact frame that Aaron was looking for. Simple, reasonably priced, and responsive.

Along with the new Fluorescent Yellow colorway comes with an 8.8″ standover height and an updated BB shell and chainstay design that allows for a 2.4″ tire clearance without sacrificing strength or altering the frame’s aesthetic.

It has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  And a 3-year limited frame damage warranty.

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